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Why am I so Tired?

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

People in pain complain that - "I am so tired” Let's’ delve into that.

The Biomechanics

Dr Harry Farfan and his lab at McGill in Montreal likened the upright human spine to an anniversary clock... you know the one with the little brass ball that rotate round way then rotates back in the other direction. Usually they are covered with a glass dome. The energy used to move the balls to the right is saved by winding up the string and then using the wound string to move the balls to the left. So efficient that you only need to wind it up once a year - on your anniversary - hence the name.

Dr Farfan demonstrated that you recover 90% of the energy you used to move your right foot forward by winding up the muscles and ligaments of your spine then releasing that to move your left foot forward. This works real well till you lose the normal dynamics of your spine. Then you lose the 90% saving, so that walking becomes 10x as difficult, or to put it in other way, it feels like you have walked 10 blocks each time you walk one. Ouch!

Disturbed Sleep

If you have ever watched those time lapse films of people sleeping you will see that you turn over and over again many times during the night. Pressure sensors in and around your joints register pain signalling your brain that it is time for a turn. All of that is accomplished without you reaching consciousness.

If however you have decreased the sleeping brain awareness through the use of drugs, alcohol or by intense fatigue, you will often wake in the morning in the same posture as you went to sleep in and in significant pain.

If you are in a lot of pain prior to sleep, you will often disturb your sleep circles (with less time of REM) and suffer from sleep deprivation related fatigue.

Change in Bowel / Bladder Functions

Pain, particularly the lower back, is often accompanied by problems in the elimination system. Constipation and urinary irregularity can contribute to significant levels of both discomfort and fatigue.

Restoring motion to injured joints, reduction of subluxation and strategies in dealing with sleep issues, will all contribute to your healing with less pain and less fatigue.

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