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The Subluxation

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

How did a concept that was so inherently simple become so complex? Well, welcome to the human body - where rarely is anything a simple as it first seems.

In 1895, the first chiropractor (D.D Palmer) recognized that his patient had a demonstrable "bone out of place", and that by using the shape of the vertebrae as levers he could reset (adjust) the joints so as to have the joints between adjacent spinal segments move normally. Simple right?

Except that his first patient (Harvey Lillard) also had his hearing restored after he was adjusted and his second patient suffering from a similar Injury to his mid-back had his racing heart return to a normal beat.

So; something about levering these spinal bones around relieved both the first guy's deafness and the second guy's racing heart… what is going on here? Dr Palmer reasoned that he'd affected one of the body's systems, but which? Local doctors, emulating Dr Palmer guessed that it must be the circulatory system… this group formed the Osteopathic profession. Dr Palmer reasoned that it was the part of the nervous system encased by the spine that was responsible. Like so many other things in life, they were later proved to be both partially right.

Nearly a century and a quarter of research and investigation by groups studying

  1. Biomechanics - that the correction of the subluxation restores normal joint mechanics and restores muscular efficiencies to body motion.

  2. Immunology - that a healthy "subluxation-free” spine leads to increased resistance to environmental stressors.

  3. Psychology - that an efficient spine reduces the incidence and severity of chronic pain and so reduces stress, tension, anxiety, depression etc.

  4. Neurology - that stimulation of the spinal pathways with specific chiropractic adjustments affect the immune system, consciousness, equilibrium, allergies… etc

And undoubtedly as New-"ologies” form, we will discover more about the body that scriptures declare was “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

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