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Side Effects - Smide Effects

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

I was travelling last weekend and was once again struck by the craziness of the fast-talking side-effects guys at the end of every drug ad on TV ( I don't watch network TV at home, so I'm not immune to those yet).

If these chemical interventions are so wonderful, why don't those announcers spend the last 15 seconds of the ads talking about SIDE "BENEFITS” of these chemical compounds?

After a chiropractic adjustment, reports Chiropractor Steve Hoffman, we see not only restoration of movement and reduction of pain, but also the side benefits of increased nerve health both to the body and its internal organs.

Better sleep, increased energy, relief from other aches and pains, improved digestion, improved elimination, greater clarity of thought, improved outlook and attitude, fewer colds, improved immune function, greater stamina, decreased need for some medications and better overall health are just a partial list of Dr Hoffman's list of side benefits.

Thanks, Dr Hoffman, for enumerating the wonders of chiropractic that we see in our chiropractic offices every day.

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