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A Problem of Perception

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Back Doctors or Nerve Doctors?

Ask a group or the street at to what a chiropractor is and they will tell you, "they are back doctors".

This creates a disconnect between what chiropractors think they are doing versus what their patients believe is being done to them.

As a profession we have long since given up on the “bone out a place” idea, despite the fact that, that very thought is first and foremost in the minds of even long-time users a chiropractic services.

So while many chiropractors display logos of the spine, remember it is what the spine protects (the nervous system) that is the center of our care.

The chiropractic adjustment, using the spinal bones as leverage remains one of the most effective ways to remove interference with nerves processes.

Po-tait-toe / Po-tat-oh

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